New Surgical Robot Benefits Patients Through Tiny Incisions

New Surgical Robot Benefits Patients Through Tiny Incisionsfrom komu: A new surgical robot at University Hospital [in Columbia, Missouri] is benefiting patients in a small – but big way. The dual-console da Vinci surgical robot is used for minimally invasive surgeries such as general surgery, prostate surgery and other surgeries. Surgeons keep control of the robot at all times by using hand controls, and watch procedures through microscopic lenses. The lenses allow them to see exactly what they need in order to direct the robots hands. While surgeons are able to successfully do all of the surgeries the robots can, the robots are able to operate through tiny incisions. Patients benefit by having minimal scaring, shorter hospital stays, and less blood loss. While hospitals and patients have the choice to use these robots, surgeons at University Hospital say they have had a great experience and highly recommend them.

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