NSA: Mormon Connection

NSA:  Mormon ConnectionDr. A. True Ott writes explosive expose in Russell Tice Speaks Up – THE MORMON CONNECTION TO NSA!”  Ott declares in article – Mormon Elder Brent Scowcroft (picture left. middle in picture right) a primary reason new huge NSA data center located in Utah.   Russell Tice, a NSA whistleblower, believes intelligence community runs  country,  having gathered compromising info on nearly all politicians.   Tice makes by themselves explosive allegations on who runs our world.  Ott goes further, however, with info on ultimate “insider” Scowcroft.  Ott makes a Mormon connection:

“Lets take a quick look at the prime architect of today’s NSA – a high-level MORMON named Brent Scowcroft – and then lets look at the covert Mormon agenda of world domination. Could this be the primary reason why the mammoth NSA facility is being built in Mormon-dominated UTAH??”

“When one studies the history of the ‘National Security Agency’ (NSA) few individuals are more relevant than Mormon Elder Brent Scowcroft. Few individuals have been more deeply involved with ‘black ops’ than General Brent Scowcroft. In short, Scowcroft is the ultimate ‘insider’ into the machinations of the shadow government that controls not only the USA, but also the UK and NATO.”

Wow!  Ott points to what’s right there in front of us, if only we have “eyes to see?”  The expose further brings to light little known aspect of Scowcroft’s past:

“Scowcroft attracted Kissinger’s eye with his pivotal work in helping to implement Operation Paper Clip from 1948-1953 – which placed over 1500 key NAZI scientists such as Werner Von Braun (NASA) and Josef Mengele (MK Ultra-CIA) in key positions across America.”

Mormon goals in geopolitical terms, shared by Ott, shouldn’t be overlooked:

“Keep in mind that the Mormon (LDS) ‘Priesthood’ has long believed in the satanically warped ‘gospel’ of Joseph Smith, Jr. – that the “Stone cut out of the mountain without hands” in the ‘Vision of Daniel’ recorded in the Old Testament is not JESUS OF NAZARETH and His saving Gospel of Grace, but rather, is the ‘Mormon Kingdom of Joe Smith’. The Mormon ‘Prophets’ since Smith have all sought to fulfill this one desire – to see the ‘Mormon Kingdom’ direct and control the entire world. Like the NSA, the Mormon Church operates in complete financial secrecy. Nobody, not even ‘faithful’ full-tithe-paying members, are allowed to see and inspect their financial statements.”

“‘Brother’ Brent Scowcroft and his secretive LDS/Israeli-MOSSAD henchmen are without a doubt the puppeteers behind the Orwellian police state that America has become. They are the ‘shadows of power’ that were able to assassinate a sitting U.S. President, and blame it on a lone ‘nut’ gunman back in 1963. Armed with new ‘nano’ technology, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and yottabytes of data storage, their goal of world-dominance is at last within their grasp.”

Brent Scowcroft should be added to any list of perps, seeking world domination through a ruthless police state.  A side observations seems to validate stakes at hand as Nelson Rockefeller (left in picture right, above) died of a “heart attack.”  Rockefeller was 71 at the time and a lover present to attest to his fate – all quite plausible – but no longer accepted by present writer.  Also,  William Colby, (right in picture right, above) former CIA chief, died in 1996 at age 76 in a “night canoe accident.”   Colby had advised John DeCamp to write his book, “The Franklin Cover Up,” as a life insurance policy.  Colby and DeCamp were, both, associated with murderous Phoenix program in Vietnam.  There seems no end to the treachery?  Ott asks rhetorically in conclusion to his article:   “The only question is: WILL CHRISTIAN AMERICA AWAKEN IN TIME TO STOP THE MADNESS??” The present writer suspects Ott closer to truth than reader will ever see elsewhere!

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