New World Next Week: Episode155 – Xbox Spying, EU Revolt, Plant Revival Episode155 –
Xbox Spying, EU Revolt, Plant Revival

Episode155 - Xbox Spying, EU Revolt, Plant RevivalWelcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Privacy Breach As Xbox One A ‘Twisted Nightmare’
Obama Intelligence Agency Chairman Has His E-Mail Account Hacked
Pentagon Project Makes Cyberwar As Easy As Angry Birds
Video: Pixel Anarchy As Riot Simulator Lets Players Choose Sides In Global Uprising

Story #2: German Finance Minister Schaeuble Warns of Revolution
Stockholm Riots Leave Sweden’s Dreams Of Perfect Society Up In Smoke
Fears Grow Over Possible Malaysian Spring
Spain’s Bankia Decimates Savers As Stock Plummets; Police Officer Stabs Banker Who Sold Him Shares
Iran Shells Out $4B Line Of Credit to Assad’s Government In Syria
World’s Major Central Banks Act With New Boldness As Economies Falter
‘There Is No Food’: Post-Revolutionary Economic Turmoil Dashes Hopes In Egypt

Story #3: Scientists Revive 400 Year-Old Frozen Plants
Regeneration of Little Ice Age bryophytes emerging from a polar glacier with implications of totipotency in extreme environments
USDA Says Unapproved Genetically Engineered Wheat Discovered In Oregon Field
Video: March Against Monsanto Coverage On CNN May 28, 2013 – Full Segment
Video: Despite FDA Approval, Many Distrustful Of GMOs
Video: #MarchAgainstMonsanto – The Grassroots Uprising
Video: Portland’s March Against Monsanto – All Speakers

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    Hey I dont know where to contact you, so I'm trying here. On the latest NWNW, you have a paranoid/paramount t-shirt. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?? I love it, and cant find it anywhere! I know youre a busy guy, but let a brother know where I can pick one up.
    Thanks and keep up the good work


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    When I saw "Exit Through The Gift Shop", it opened with that Banksy-ed Paramount/paranoid logo and I thought "I must have that!" I found it online through some UK-based clothing store… Thanks!

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    thanks man I saw that site, I was wondering if there was a US site.. either way, thanks for the quick reply! Oh yea, what happened to navigating netflix?

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