obama defends right to build ground zero mosque

obama defends right to build ground zero mosquefrom bbc: US President Barack Obama has staunchly defended controversial plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero in New York. Opponents have protested against the construction of an Islamic cultural centre and mosque several hundred feet away from the site of the Twin Towers. Mr Obama acknowledged “sensitivitiessurround the 9/11 site, but said Muslims have the same right to practise their religionas anyone else … Our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable,” Mr Obama said. Since a New York developer announced plans to build a 13-storey Islamic community centre and mosque about two blocks from the former World Trade Center site, prominent Republican politicians and a host of conservative pundits have attacked the project. Some relatives of people killed in the terror attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 are also opposed to the plan.

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