obama’s lobbyists, lies & airstrikes (do you get it, yet?!)

obama’s hypocrisy for raytheon:
#2 at dod worked for military-industrial complex
from youtube: Obama has already U-turned on a new policy of not allowing lobbyists in his administration to work with issues they have lobbied on in the past. However, just two days after stating his policy, he is already made an exception to his own rule by allowing William Lynn, a defense lobbyist for Raytheon to become the deputy defense secretary.

obama calls leaders of russia, france & germany

obama gave green light to pakistan attacks
obama gave green light to pakistan attacksfrom press tv: US commanders say they had consulted President Barack Obama before launching recent drone attacks on Pakistan’s tribal belt near the Afghan border. “Four days after assuming the presidency, he (Obama) was consulted by US commanders before they launched the two attacks,” Guardian said Sunday. The report comes after 22 people were killed in two separate US missile strikes on the Waziristan region bordering Afghanistan, on Friday. The attacks were the first since President Barack Obama took office Tuesday.

gates predicts US will be in iraq & afghanistan ‘for years to come’

gibbs won’t answer question on pakistan airstrike
from raw replay: White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ second White House press briefing started with a series of questions on economics and the stimulus package, but it wasn’t long before a reporter asked about alleged US missile strikes in Pakistan which reportedly killed 15 early Friday morning. But Gibbs refused to answer the question by NBC News‘ Chuck Todd, saying, “I’m not going to get into that.” … This video is from CNN’s Newsroom, broadcast Jan. 23, 2009.

obama may bring less change to world affairs than some seek

video: and you thought bush was bad
from sociostudent: I don’t see what’s so hard to understand about this: Obama is just a front-man for the New World Order, the “brand name” of tyranny for the next 4 to 8 years. He’s not the Christ OR the Anti-Christ: He’s just an empty suit full of empty promises.

obama tells gop: don’t listen to rush

al-zawahiri calls obama ‘a house negro’
from washington post: Soon after the November election, al-Qaeda’s No. 2 leader took stock of America’s new president-elect and dismissed him with an insulting epithet. “A house Negro,” Ayman al-Zawahiri said. That was just a warm-up. In the weeks since, the terrorist group has unleashed a stream of verbal tirades against Barack Obama, each more venomous than the last. Obama has been called a “hypocrite,” a “killer” of innocents, an “enemy of Muslims.” He was even blamed for the Israeli military assault on Gaza, which began and ended before he took office. “He kills your brothers and sisters in Gaza mercilessly and without affection,” an al-Qaeda spokesman declared in a grainy Internet video this month. The torrent of hateful words is part of what terrorism experts now believe is a deliberate, even desperate, propaganda campaign against a president who appears to have gotten under al-Qaeda’s skin. The departure of George W. Bush deprived al-Qaeda of a polarizing American leader who reliably drove recruits and donations to the terrorist group.

obama shares conservative values

obama claims to seek space weapon ban
obama claims to seek space weapon banfrom reuters: President Barack Obama’s pledge to seek a worldwide ban on weapons in space marks a dramatic shift in U.S. policy while posing the tricky issue of defining whether a satellite can be a weapon. Moments after Obama’s inauguration last week, the White House website was updated to include policy statements on a range of issues, including a pledge to restore U.S. leadership on space issues and seek a worldwide ban on weapons that interfere with military and commercial satellites. It also promised to look at threats to U.S. satellites, contingency plans to keep information flowing from them, and what steps are needed to protect spacecraft against attack. The issue is being closely watched by Lockheed Martin Corp, Boeing Co, Northrop Grumman Corp, the biggest U.S. defense contractors, and other companies involved in military and civilian space contracts. Watchdog groups and even some defense officials welcomed the statement, which echoed Obama’s campaign promises, but said it would take time to hammer out a comprehensive new strategy. Enacting a global ban on space weapons could prove even harder.

obama wants to reopen lady liberty’s crown*
classical musicians pre-recorded inaugural segment*
geo-tagged security tested at inauguration*
obama warns public to expect rise in US casualties*
if not gitmo, then where?*
wsj insists obama is leaving door open for a ‘jack bauer exception’ to his torture ban*
geithner signals tougher stance on china*
why did geithner accuse china of ‘manipulating’ its currency?*
geithner’s 1st order of business: sanction iran*
officials: obama to reverse abortion policy*
defazio: ‘i think obama is ill-advised by larry summers’*
video: obama’s unconstitutional agenda: plan for a new world order*
obama attracts diverse press corps*
news access issues concern those covering obama*
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obama to review rule limiting immigration arrests*
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obama lawyers set to defend john yoo, author of torture memos*

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