obamessiah updates: healthscare, warcrimes, voodoo & economics

here, this one makes more sense: obama as two-face*
here, this one makes more sense: obama as two-facewhite house appears ready to drop ‘public option’*
it’s official: health reform is dead*
worse than herbert hoover*
majority of americans directly oppose obamanomics*
obama lies to defend US war of aggression*
cindy sheehan protests against obama continuing bush wars*
rahm emanuel wields power freely, but faces risks*
valerie jarrett: trust obama on blackwater*
obama’s well organized community is falling apart*
video: texe marrs on
witchcraft in the white house
witchcraft in the white house*
voodoo in obama’s white house*
video: voodoo in obama’s white house?*
‘death to obama’ sign holder detained by secret service*
westchester man charged with making false bomb threat against white house*
video: frank rich fears extremism will lead to assassination*
video: rockefeller regards holdren as a saint*
video: tom delay a ‘birther,’ wants to see obama ‘gift certificate’*
4 arrested for protesting john yoo at berkeley*
ridge says bush admin pushed to raise terror alert for re-election*
top 50 US war criminals who need to be prosecuted:
from alberto to yoo & more

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