occulted meaning of denver intl airport and ‘operation cocked pistol’

occulted meaning of denver intl airport and 'operation cocked pistol'Vigilant Citizen (VC) breaks down some of the symbolism of Denver International Airport (DIA). An apocalyptic horse at the entrance, a masonic capstone with an enigmatic “New World Airport Commission”, nightmarish murals and gargoyles make for an ironically referred to “family traveling experience”. DIA seems poised to play a primary role in the New World Order–a fascist nightmare!

VC interprets menacing military figure armed with automatic weapon and scimitar as an end of world peace (dove at end of scimitar) and a return of German Reich. The hideous mural has been painted over, and possibly, brought too many uncomfortable inquiries. Operation Paperclip is referenced and VC sees “…many allusions to Germany and Nazism in this airport, there is NO WAY it can be a coincidence”. It’s implied from coffins of dead Black, Indian and Jewish girls at the bottom of another mural this is the result of a bioweapon. A brief documentary Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory references AUAG on floor in front of military figure’s mural, while it may refer to gold and silver, it may mean a virulent form of hepatitis with same abbreviation. You are better off dead in the opinion of the New World Order.

President Obama’s is scheduled to oversee, on September 27, “Cocked Pistol” maximum readiness drill. The planned visit, the drills, and Comet Elenin alignment have sent rumor mills into high gear on the net! It’s rumored many world leaders and corporate leaders are away as well? Drills prove to be a convenient staging platform for a real event as well-documented on 9-11, 7-7 and Haiti, for example.

The present writer wonders if underground holding pens, may be for purpose of overbooked elite who won’t be allowed to ride the fast train to “the Ark” under the Rockies, for one reason or another. There’s a suspicion, some will be lured to their demise? It will certainly be a period of interesting anticipation for the next couple of days of what does come to pass!

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