organic fish farm is alternative to chinese imports

organic fish farm is alternative to chinese imports

from eatdrinkexplore: In a move to show his support for a crackdown on fish imported from China, U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) toured an organic fish farm Wednesday, located in New York’s Hudson River Valley. “It has become abundantly clear that fish and seafood from China can stink, and it’s time the Food and Drug Administration stepped up their efforts to protect the public health,” Schumer said. “Once again, China’s blatant disregard for basic safety standards has put Americans’ health at risk.” The farm, Continental Organics in New Windsor, is run by Mike Finnegan who said health concerns and economic problems are at the root of the imported fish issue.

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    ive seen aquaponic systems that are really cool as they cycle the water the fish are in through the plants growth medium as a natural and hopefully organic plant nutrient.
    Old swimming pools work great.

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