scud watching from geostationary earth orbit

Mad Scientists at DARPA are excited about prospects for Membrane Optic Imager Real-Time Exploitation (MOIRE) program. “MOIRE will park in space over the earth, and once there will unleash a “micron-thin diffractive-optics membrane” to form a 65-foot super-thin lens to watch a wider swath of ground more closely than anything else before,” according to Business Insider. The super-thin membrane lens will “scrutinize an area about 62-miles in diameter; updating its video at about one frame per second, offering a 99 percent likelihood of catching a [SCUD] missile launch.” Ball Aerospace has been awarded contract by DARPA to develop MOIRE tech, an Aviation Week article provides more details about technology.  The space telescope will cost about $500 million a copy! A SCUD-watch impresses as a suspect cover story! The real question – what else will be scrutinized?

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