paul finishes 5th in iowa with 10%

ron paul’s backers are incredibly fervent
ron paul's backers are incredibly ferventfrom mcclatchy: They come from across the country – and the political spectrum – to work in New Hampshire for Rep. Ron Paul, captivated by the philosophy and personality of the man who’s become the Republican Pied Piper of the 2008 presidential campaign…

Perhaps none is more dedicated than Vijay Boyapati. He’s the founding father of Operation Live Free or Die, an effort to get 1,000 volunteers to come to New Hampshire and live in youth hostel-like conditions to wave Ron Paul signs along highways, canvas neighborhoods and work phone banks…

Kim Wolanyk, 38, a self-professed liberal Democrat, thought her husband had become a tad obsessed with Paul. But the more she heard her husband talk, and the more she realized how angry she was at congressional Democrats for failing to end the Iraq war or kill the Patriot Act, the better Ron Paul sounded…

“When we change everything in New Hampshire, we’ll go to South Carolina and Nevada,” he said. “This is only the beginning.”

ron paul gets some revenge
from la times: An easily overlooked aspect of the Iowa caucuses – Ron Paul not only besting Rudy Giuliani, but doing so by more than 2-to-1 – sparked a trip down memory lane for us. It was mid-May, and the former mayor of New York was riding high following one of the early debates among the Republican presidential candidates… That was then, this is now. In Iowa, Paul, 10%; Giuliani, 4%… Look at the source data as of 10:01 pm PST. Ron Paul may be 5th but 253 votes separate 3rd, 4th and 5th

1. Mike Huckabee 5,635
2. Mitt Romney 3,163
3. John McCain 1,853
4. Fred Thompson 1,842
5. Ron Paul 1,600
6. Rudy Giuliani 418
7. Duncan Hunter 44
8. Alan Keyes 20

We currently have 1749 Counties/Precincts in our system, with
54.49% of precincts reporting in.
The total number of votes cast thus far: 14,575

ron paul baffles media in iowa
from nolan chart: Ron Paul’s modest yet solid primary in Iowa confounds critics and rivals who called him nothing more than a spoiler… Welcome to the big leagues, Dr. Paul… Ron Paul brought in real substantial votes on Jan. 3. The man deserves to be heard in every debate from here on out… Mike Huckabee may have “I want to choke Romney” Chuck Norris. But we have the Ron Paul R[EVOL]ution. And we have only begun to fight. On to the Granite State.

ron paul defeats gop nat’l front-runner in iowa
from what really happpened: Though Paul finished fifth in the Iowa Republican caucuses, the 72-year-old maverick placed far ahead of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is running first in national polls. Proving that the National Mainstream Media Polls do not measure public opinion so much as try to manufacture it!

Now, some things we learn from tonight:

1. All the Ron Paul support on the internet is meaningless if you don’t get out to the polls and actually vote. I don’t care how cold it is; make the effort.

2. Nobody expected Ron Paul to win tonight, but there is no question he did far better than most commentators were expecting.

3. Scare-mongering as a campaign strategy is SOOOO 20th Century!

obama & huckabee nab iowa victories
from raw story: Among Republicans, Huckabee handily defeated his chief rival in the state, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, despite being outspent by tens of millions of dollars. He was winning 34 percent support, compared to 25 percent for Romney. Former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) battled for third place, with 13 percent each. Libertarian-leaning GOP candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) notched 10 percent of the Republican vote. Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who did not campaign heavily in the state, claimed 4 percent.

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