ron paul: ‘i’ll prove the pundits wrong’

ron paul: 'i'll prove the pundits wrong'from huffington post: Ron Paul on Wednesday night predicted that he’ll defy the odds, confound his naysayers and register a strong showing in today’s GOP Iowa caucuses. The libertarian-leaning Texas congressman said he’s adopted a stock response for when reporters and pundits ask him how he’ll fare in the leadoff to the presidential nominating process: “I don’t know exactly, but I know we’re going do a lot better than they claim we’re going to do.”

the ron paul phenomenon is not about ron paul

mcaain camp ‘deeply worried’ about paul
from huffington post: GOP presidential candidate John McCain is deeply worried that his resurgent national campaign may be stalled by a relatively strong showing in tonight’s Iowa caucuses by the iconoclastic Ron Paul. The Arizona senator’s campaign told the HuffPost that their candidate is concerned that Paul will finish third behind front-runners Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.

obama & paul virtual top picks in myspace poll

ron paul pitch picking up power
from newsday: A wind chill factor of minus 10 didn’t deter student volunteer Brian Dunn from canvassing this Des Moines suburb yesterday on behalf of his hero, libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul… “The United States is crumbling like the Roman Empire … with plummeting currency and mounting debt,” said Dunn, 22, who spent $500 on airfare from Oregon to work for Paul. “Dr. Paul will change all that.”

bill o’reilly admits he is ‘frightened’ by paul

ron paul supporters kicked off cable cars
from conservative times: We were peaceably assembled on New Years Day, riding the San Francisco Cable Car from Fisherman’s Wharf to Union Square downtown carrying Ron Paul signs, when the SFPD was called, and the “officer” told us to hand over our signs, or we wouldn’t go anywhere. We asked what law we were violating, and he said he didn’t have to tell us, “I am the Law”, he said. San Francisco’s Channel 5 ran a segment on the 11 pm news.

richard viguerie labels fox turncoats over paul snub
from huffington post: The Fox News Channel has been drawing a steady stream of criticism for its decision to exclude Ron Paul from their planned January 6 debate in New Hampshire. Today, conservative strategist and author Richard Viguerie joined the protest against Fox.

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