Pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg To Settle Sandusky Lawsuits

Pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg To Settle Sandusky LawsuitsKenneth Feinberg tapped into service again, reports, this time to settle Jerry Sandusky victims’ civil suits! Feinberg brought in, ostensibly, to aid Penn State in resolving civil settlements amid complaints of slow response by the school. “Lawyers for Sandusky’s victims and other potential claimants had complained recently that the school had not followed up on its pledge to settle the civil claims quickly and fairly.

Attorneys told The Associated Press this month that they had very limited contact with the university and, if that continued, more lawsuits were expected,” reports article. Feinberg is best known for compensating 9-11 victims’ families through the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. The present writer questions whether Penn State scandal large enough to merit administration by a government-connected outsider? Or, does the scandal require special handling for other reasons? Is it a hint there are actors in case high up in government? It’s reminiscent of when late coach Joe Paterno hired high-powered J Sedgwick Sollers, last year, a firm that represented George H. W. Bush in Iran-Contra scandal! It makes you wonder?

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