pedo-blasts: current and past

Pedophilia press coverage will only grow as dimensions of huge child abuse problem become known!  The Telegraph informs in article, The child abuse scandal at Pennsylvania State University proves that pedophilia isn’t just a ‘priest problem’. The article makes good points but a questionable quote seems doubtful, “…pedophiles are not the products of institutionalized behavior. They are lone wolves.” A person’s gut instinct informs a large charitable organization, supplying steady access to children, hints at a larger enterprise!  It remains doubtful, the Second Mile Charity is sole creation of Jerry Sandusky, intended to satisfy only his “needs”!

A pedo-blast from the past enjoys renewed life, a year later, as it rounds the net! A Belfast Telegraph article reported on Pope’s controversial remarks in a 2010 Christmas address to cardinals and officials in Rome. Some remarks made by Pope Benedict XVI which caused a fury, “…pedophilia wasn’t considered an ‘absolute evil’ as recently as the 1970s…also claimed that child pornography was increasingly considered ‘normal’ by society.” Child abuse victims know, firsthand, physical and emotional trauma suffered at hands of pedophiles! Propedoganda fails to convince it’s normal or harmless!

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