Pedophile Information Exchange And The BBC

Britain seems in the midst of airing their dirty laundry? The present writer views attempt to address huge problem as commendable!  2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?  website reveals depth of institutional pedophilia in UK by posting video (left). Jimmy Savile called “only the tip of the iceberg.” ” UK Column TV exposes the BBC’s dirty international subversive web of pedophile sex slave and pedophile snuff film trafficking for the whole World to take in in all its obscene horror!”  Pedophile Information Exchange discussed in video as operating legally in England from 1974-84 and a very influential group associated with the BBC. Should we be asking in the United States, whether Jerry Sandusky represents – only the tip of the iceberg?  The present writer suspects similiar institutionalized pedophilia in both countries with overlapping contact!

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