Penn St Scandal Update: ‘Game Over’ and Paterno Family Reaction

Penn St Scandal Update: 'Game Over' and Paterno Family Reaction

Game Over,” a book by two former Pittsburgh Post Gazette writers went on sale, Tuesday. It’s likely an attempt to capitalize on recent Penn St scandal, but it’s already attracted ire of Paterno Family. Deadspin article, How Jerry Sandusky’s Book, ‘Touched,’ Led Investigators To Other Possible Victims,” is a direct except from the book. The book may be a faithful telling of how the scandal unfolded if the excerpt is any indication. It appears that a paroxysm of pain will surface in following days as public digests book’s contents. The family statement only assisted writers in gaining a wider audience. It’ll be interesting if there is something new, but it will likely lean towards a regurgitation of scandal as it went to press. The present writer points out pedophilia game is only over at Penn St for a little while!

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