Penn State Updates: Deliberation and ‘All My Children’

Penn State Updates: Deliberation and 'All My Children'from This story has nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of accused child rapist Jerry Sandusky. We are talking about Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola. Mr. Amendola made news again yesterday with an odd and (according to most people) inappropriate comment. Walking into the courthouse yesterday morning, reporters were asking Amendola if Sandusky would testify on his own behalf. The lawyer compared the trial to a soap opera and when asked which soap, he replied: “I think it’s General Hospital, … actually, it could be All My Children,” Seriously? Your client is facing 51 criminal counts related to the rape and sexual abuse of children and you make that reference? This was not the first faux pas from Sandusky’s lawyer. Back in December Mr. Amendola suggested that the press should call 1-800 REALITY. Some ambitious members of the press took Amendola’s advice, dialed the number and discovered that 1-800-REALITY connects you to a gay sex hotline. As we used to say on the school playground, Joe Amendola may not be the worst lawyer that Jerry Sandusky could have hired, but if that guy retires…

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