pentagon mistakenly sends icbm parts to taiwan

pentagon mistakenly sends icbm parts to taiwanfrom danger room: Well, it’s not as bad as mistakenly sending nuclear-armed cruise missiles for a ride across the United States, but it’s not good either. The Pentagon today announced that it had mistakenly sent fuses for intercontinental ballistic missiles to Taiwan. Oops. No nuclear components were involved, however. Apparently, Taiwan was supposed to get helicopter batteries. Instead they got the fuses. It makes you wonder how these boxes are marked… Apparently it was Taiwan, not the United States, that first noticed the error.

update: pentagon orders nuclear inventory
from bbc: US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has ordered a full inventory of US nuclear arms after parts of ballistic missiles were mistakenly sent to Taiwan. He said a report, that would also include checks of related materials, should be completed within 60 days.

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