People and the Place: Chateau Des Amerois

A place of privilege and people capable of getting away with anything, Chateau Des Amerois castle – rumored to be in a Satanic triangle – exemplifies mystery! You Tube video (left) provides stylized view of faces associated with castle. Chateau Amerois II:  Black Nobility shared in above post can also be viewed below fold.  Video should impress viewers, Belgium represents a clear power center of mind control and child abuse.  Noreen Gosch, whose son Johnny abducted in eighties, suspects he was subjected to mind control at Offutt AFB in Nebraska.  In testimony (pg 3, pdf), Gosch shares belief Monarch programming located at military bases, stretching all the way to NATO in Brussels, Belgium.  Paul Bonacci, child abuse victim, involved in the Franklin Scandal circa 1980s Omaha NE, rumored to have traveled to Belgium.  Pedophilia represents grim degeneration that requires vigilance to be held in check.   It seems apparent, if allowed to spread a rising tide of pedophilia can span globe, to communicate its degenerate inhumanity!

The present writer suspects Black Nobility constitute profiteers willing to deal in any trade regardless of how distasteful, in other words, anything but noble – rather creatures of questionable humanity!    Sadism, selfishness and control are characteristics central to personalities involved with Black Nobility.

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