police & protesters clash in new orleans

police & protesters clash in new orleansfrom usa today: There is a protest underway at New Orleans City Hall as the City Council decides whether to demolish 4,500 public housing units damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

The AP says police have used stun guns and chemical spray to repel protesters, and that “a scuffle” occurred in the City Council chambers. The New Orleans Times-Picayune is live-blogging developments and has published a photo gallery.

The vote is a key moment in a long fight between local activists and preservationists who want the housing renovated, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which seeks demolition. USA TODAY published a feature on the dispute Dec. 13.

video: police taze & chem spray protesters
from raw story: Violence broke out in New Orleans on Thursday after police shut the gates of City Hall against protesters who were attempting to enter a City Council meeting that was expected to approve the demolition of 4500 units of public housing. When about 100 protesters broke through, police began using pepper spray and tasers and even engaging in fistfights with the demonstrators.

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    I guess not all of the garbage and dirt bags were washed away from Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane missed about 100 more or so!

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