police state int’l: fbi, dmv, fema, norad, apf & more

police stop more than 1m people on street*
police stop more than 1m people on streetphone company is arm of govt, feds admit in spy suit*
report: US considers phone companies ‘arm of government’*
nypd tracking cell phone owners, but foes aren’t sure practice is legal*
los angeles’ anti-terrorism program sparks controversy*
battening down the hatches: secret state monitors protest, represses dissent*
fit to fly? balance board tapped to detect shifty characters at airports*
who’s who in big brother’s database?*
fbi delves into dmv photos in search for fugitives*
fbi building system that blows away fingerprinting*
driver license photo database used by fbi*
apf withdraws effort to run hardin jail*
ag drops investigation into apf*
above the law? hilton refuses to co-operate with montana atty general*
behind montana jail fiasco: how private prison developers prey on desperate towns*
proposed bc law would allow big fines, jail time for olympics violators*
jericho’s ravenwood comes to america*
waco siege ‘enforcer’ to rule over global police force*
6yr-old suspended for bringing camping utensil to delaware school*
delaware school backs down after outcry over ban on pupil with lunch knife*
former right-wing leader warns of religious right violence: ‘anyone can be killed’*
norad exercise planned for east coast, new england on oct14-16*
pittsburgh: beta test for a police state*
fema to evaluate maryland’s readiness*
sweatshop conditions in US cities*

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