10/15 newspurge

los angeles district atty says ‘about 100%’ of medical marijuana dispensaries are illegal*
fake bus part of $1.7m pot bust*

pacific ocean ‘dead zone’ in northwest may be irreversible*
children exposed to harmful radiation from unnecessary ct scans*
haarp: scientists create ‘artificial ionosphere’ using radio waves*
feds: ‘giant invading snakes’ will soon rule US*
video: an inconvenient question: al gore & the end of journalism*

benito mussolini was recruited by mi5*
inslaw & promis: new timeline established by historycommons.org*

new michael jackson song is given airing*

mlb suicide: brian powell*
2 die in arizona sweat lodge accident*
un plane crashes in haiti; 11 dead*
70 killed after tanker explosion in nigeria*
florida groom mistakes bride for intruder, shoots her dead*
boyzone member stephen gately dies at age 33*
shooting of prominent economist baffles police*
teens light 15yr-old on fire with rubbing alcohol over $40*
balloon boy said to have floated off in balloon found safe*

…and as the world burns, a nation is captivated by the misadventures of balloon boy… and it’s starting to makes us sick

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