Princess Diana’s Ghost Would’ve Scared Kate Middleton Out of Di’s Flat

Princess Diana's Ghost Would Have Scared Kate Middleton Out of Di's Flatfrom Prince William was right when he avoided taking over his mum Diana’s old flat at Kensington Palace because her ghost would have “given Kate the wobblies“. The bizarre claim is made by Princess Michael of Kent, who goes on to say she lobbied courtiers for the couple to get the bigger apartment that was once home to the Queen’s sister Margaret. Princess Pushy, who lives just along the corridor, tells Tatler magazine: “I thought she (Kate) would get the wobblies… You know with (the ghost of) Diana… Anyway, that apartment it’s not the best. Whereas Prince Margaret’s… wonderful – huge private garden.” Pushy, 68 – married to the Queen’s cousin – predicts Prince Harry might one day move into a flat at the palace currently used by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. She tells the January issue of the magazine for upper-crust people: “Then they would be next door to each other. It would be a very good move.” Pushy keeps up the patronising tone towards Kate and even William by calling the 32-year-old second in line to the throne “the boy” at one stage.

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