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gas prices as propaganda tool

gas prices as propaganda tool

Have you noticed prices at the pump lately? Do you believe it's the kindhearted folks at BP (formerly British Petroleum, first known as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company)? Red flags should go up consumers are enjoying so much relief of late from pricing pressures! BP has not forgotten nor likely forgiven Iran for kicking them out in 1979! Wikipedia informs, "...[the] Ayatollah Khomeini confiscated all of the company’s assets in Iran without compensation, bringing to an end its 70-year presence in Iran." Are you likely to resent prices if they top four dollars? Will you believe corporate-owned media if fingers point at Iran? Are you smart enough to detect your manipulation at the pump - a tool of propaganda? You shouldn't be angry with Iran. It's the corporations - especially BP - look what they did in the Gulf of Mexico - you should be angry!

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