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#PumpUpThaVolume: Episode018 - Liberty Bell♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on @PumpUpThaVolume! Episode018 – Liberty Bell was recorded live on RevereRadio.net and features brand new #SongOfTheDay sounds from Teams, Ondatropica, Echo Lake, Matisyahu, Spinto Band, Curumin, Black Nite Crash, Everest, Twin Shadow, Clodhopper , Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons, Jonathan Boulet, Dream Brother, Stars and Legendary Oaks… because it can’t be news and politics all the time!

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♬Liner Notes♬ from Nick: As the phenomenon of 2012 continues to wash over us, creating minor shifts and quantum leaps within our consciousness I am reminded of my childhood as I listen to the music for this week’s show. Saturday mornings, the house bursting with life as my dad brews a fresh coffee, my mum [mom] prepares breakfast, the sunlight breaks through the stained glass window upstairs whilst creating a warm glow on the north face – all accompanied by the soundtrack of my youth, my dad’s record collection playing in the background. For me, for all of us I expect, music is more than simply a change from silence or mechanical aural interruption. Rather it’s an experience, a language we vaguely remember speaking… This week: Clodhopper! Stars! Twin Shadow, Everest, and we kick off with Teams – Love Distance!

“Love Distance”
‘Love Distance / Glow Fam’ single
White Iris, 2012
Note: Forward Fashion or Euro Trash, either way there is something to love and something to love to hate about the new cover art on the 7-inch release from Teams – the musical project of 22-year-old Sean Bowie. Bowie commented “I made it [in] like 3 month[s] in LA/ [I] moved to an empty mini-mansion in venice beach/ made it in the middle of the floor of the middle of the house./ al[l] the doors and windo[w]s open haha/ also im in a band with [James] ferraro called BODYGAURD we’re gonna tour a little and work on a record/ this summer”
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“Linda Mañana”
Soundway, 2012
Note: Mario Galeano and Will ‘Quantic’ Holland bring together the sounds of Colombia with this all-star ensemble that includes a variety of instruments from the accordion to the saxophone. Like many of the artists that we are introduced to here this group combines the visual medium in their work and is set to release a “making of” film in the near future. OCWeekly.com says: “Press your ear against Ondatropica’s wall of classic, polyrhythmic Colombian sound and chances are you’ll pick up on more than a few styles at work.” Meanwhile #SongOfTheDay source KCRW says: “Leave it to Quantic to introduce old school cumbia to younger Colombian musical luminaries. Their new 2-CD, Ondatropica, is a perfect marriage between classic and modern styles.”
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Echo Lake
“Even The Blind”
‘Wild Peace’
Slumberland, 2012
Note: We dedicate this track to Pete Hayes who died on 21st of June 2012. As a result of the passing of the band’s drummer, they are not set to tour in the near future. Pete was able to play music for a decade, with the website’s eulogy sharing the story of his first gig: lying to promoters to play in the pub, getting a lift home afterwards with his dad, and going to do year 10 exams later that week.
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“Bal Shem Tov”
‘Spark Seeker’
Fallen Sparks/Thirty Tigers, 2012
Note: Matisyahu has dedicated this album to those who seek the spark, who see beyond the surface. Ddespite losing his outward “Jewish” appearance, there is a clear influence upon his work that stems from both the traditional and the more mystic aspects of the Jewish faith and culture. However, besides just a haircut, Matisyahu has also worked hard on the technical aspects of his music and returns to recording with a “more bonefide” studio sound. At this stage, the reviews for the album on Amazon.com have been mixed – so like all our tracks you will have to decide for yourself!
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The Spinto Band
“The Living Things”
‘Shy Pursuit’
Spintonic, 2012
Note: The June 24th post on their website blog is a short film by Nate Johnson which combines live performance, documentary, a look around the bands studio, as well as some inspiring visuals. 
It is a fitting way to begin the discussion of The Spinto Band as they are just as visual in their art marking as they are auditory. ‘Shy Pursuit’ has the potential to propel them into the “two hit wonder space.”
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YB Music/Quannum, 2012
Note: Remember kaleidoscopes? For those who speak Spanish: “Por favor, perdona mi incapacidad para hablar con usted en español.” For everyone else, Curumin’s latest work is expressive of the Brazilian cultura – “creating an inviting and sensual tone” from the samba, funk, jazz, bossa nova and hip hop artists. Wikipedia says: “Curumin (born Luciano Nakata Albuquerque July 28, 1976 in São Paulo, Brazil) is a Brazilian musician whose style incorporates elements of samba, funk, jazz, bossa nova, and hip hop. He sings in Portuguese…”
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Black Nite Crash
“Baby It’s You”
‘Drawn Out Days’
Neon Sigh, 2012
Note: There is a constant theme that runs through the bands website – black [night] cityscapes, often accompanied by rain. Yet the band’s name comes from the “final and most explosive single” from the Brit rock band, Ride. Black Nite Crash formed in 2002 in Seattle with Jim Biggs on vox and guitar, Jasun Hadaway on bass, Scott Kennedy on vox and guitar, Randall Morgan on the drums and Isabel Dickey on keyboard and tamborine!
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“Give A Little”
ATO, 2012
Note: We first heard from Everest’s album ‘Ownerless’ a month ago Episode015. “Give A Little” follows straight after “Into the Grey” on the album, which is a metaphysical contemplation regarding the concept of ‘ownership.’ “In bygone eras, ownership was often a term used only in relation to the buying of land… These days, a generation raised on after-school specials and healthy doses of therapy-speak recognise that ownership is often about control…” Whilst the band has experienced a tumultuous journey, Consequence of Sound suggests the ‘Ownerless’ “is what by now could fairly be described as an Everest album, and it’s their most assured work to date.”
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Twin Shadow
“Run My Heart”
4AD, 2012
Note: Last time we heard Twin Shadow was on our epic Episode016. So just in case you missed it, take a moment to check out George Lewis Jr.’s, aka Twin Shadow’s, website – as it combines the tactile feel of a 16mm film with the functionality of an album booklet. “Run My Heart” follows up from “Five Seconds” and maintains the retro 80’s cyber-noir feel that is a major concept of this album.
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“Cafe Joli”
‘Red’s Recovery Room’
My Own Planet, 1998
Note: A tribute to the 15-year anniversary of the track being played on the KEXP morning show. 
Tim Bierman of the group became the manager of the Ten Club aka the Pearl Jam Fan Club.
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Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons
“I’ve Been Accused”
‘Old Believers’
Readymade Records, 2012
Note: The reviews on Amazon all agree – you’ll fall in love with Cory’s music from the first bar! “It calls for a nice glass of wine”; “real special excellent artist”; “haunting melodies and meaningful lyrics”. 
The group’s bio begins by defining old believers: “not cynical, still connected to the world, OLD SOUL”, before suggesting that Cory epitomizes this notion. 
”There’s a brutal honesty in the soulful rock of “I’ve Been Accused.” The song suggests that sometimes with personal growth comes unhappiness, but ultimately you’ve got to set up: no pain, no gain.
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Jonathan Boulet
“This Song Is Called Ragged”
‘We Keep The Beat, Found the Sound, See the Need, Start the Heart’
Modular, 2012
Note: Another Australian to grace the Pump Up Tha Volume playlist and solidify the relationship! Boulet is from Sydney and is also a member of the rock groups Parades and Snakeface. Whilst the beard is reminiscent of Australian folklore, i.e. Ned Kelly, the album art is forward thinking and adds a visual element to this gifted musicians expressive artwork.
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Dream Brother
“Islands (w/ Grant Cutler)”
‘Islands / More Islands’ single
Afternoon, 2012
Note: There are distinct, inter-textual references to the Jeff Buckley, Mick Grondahl and Matt Johnson song, as well as with the tribute album to Tim and Jeff Buckley which shares the name ‘Dream Brother’ with this band. But if you happened to be looking up the Baylor University newspaper, The Lariat, specifically on the 2nd November 2011, then you would see that Dream Brother played one of their first gigs at the Common Grounds Sunday Show.
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“Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It”
‘The North’
Soft Revolution, 2012
So not new to the music scene, they even have their own ‘artist page’ on Amazon; and their message is life-affirming and they 14 albums to their name! One of the pleasures of doing notes for this show is getting to observes the different trends that emerge as independent artists work to secure work and to sell their products – it seems as though Stars could be onto something if I am understanding the situation right, in that they are including a digital copy of their album with tickets that are sold to their live shows. Of course, I could be wrong, but that may be the next “killer app”!
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Legendary Oaks
“Liberty Bell”
‘Legendary Oaks’
self-released, 2012
Note: Not the Legendary Oaks Golf Course – that monolithic facade of Texas wealth – but the Seattle band who play a combination of Americana, bluegrass and folk rock. They sometimes even perform live at the KEXP studios, but haven’t logged into their MySpace since the end of January 2011! You might run into them this weekend if you live in Washington State and attend the free ‘Concerts at the Mural’ – which also features previous Pump Up Tha Volume band, Fly Moon Royalty!
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