@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode077 – Shake

Episode077 - Shake

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on Episode077 – Shake which features brand new sounds from Daughn Gibson, YAST, Amanda Shires, Glen Campbell, Bear Ceuse, Grey Reverend, Barbarossa, Dessa, Iska Dhaaf, Actual Wolf, Tremor and The Head and The Heart

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♬Liner Notes♬: I love the number 77 (see last week’s Voyager tweets), but this one’s gonna be a little different… By the time you’re hearing this I’ll be on the road again (and again), so this episode will feature more rock, less talk!

Daughn Gibson
“Just Another Love” (Live at KEXP)
Sub Pop, 2013
Note: Oh man, we get to start with even more Daughn Gibson?! “When Daughn Gibson stopped by Morning Becomes Eclectic recently, he performed a cover of Tanya Tucker’s “Just Another Love”… The original is just about as streak-free and polished as any country pop song could be. It hit number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart in 1986 and was, frankly, twangs answer to easy listening. But that what makes Daughn’s version so special. He’s added an element to it that would never have been imagined keeping some of it just in tact enough but giving it a whole new presentation.
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Adrian, 2013
Note: Song source KEXP says, “Formed in 2007…A trio of singles in 2012 preceded tours with Tame Impala, The Drums, DIIV, and TOY established the group’s live presence on the European circuit, before placing the finishing touches on their self-titled debut… Packing in enough subtle hooks to sustain a small Swedish pop factory, “YAST” never rallies itself over a singalong chorus, but it glides with ease, preferring to let its harmonious sonics do the heavy lifting. It’s a daunting task for a band to write a self-titled song on their self-titled debut, but “YAST” efficiently and economically captures all of the elements of their debut album in less than three minutes.” And you just gotta love anytime a band can pull off the hat trick of having the same title for your band name, album AND song – that puts them in Black Sabbath and New Kids On The Block territory!
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Amanda Shires
‘Down Fell the Doves’
Lightning Rod, 2013
Note: “Not only is “Devastate” the title of a song on Amanda Shires’ new album, it’s an apt description of what Shires does with her music. The Texas-born singer, songwriter and violin player writes searing lyrics that she sings with a little catch in her voice, as if she’s willing her heart not to break mid-song. “Devastate,” a gritty fiddle-laced rocker that Speakeasy premieres today, comes from Shires’ fourth solo album, “Down Fell the Doves.” It’s a lovely collection of 11 new songs, most of which feature her husband Jason Isbell on guitar…
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Glen Campbell
“Rhinestone Cowboy”
‘See You There’
Surfdog, 2013
Note: And now we get to add the legendary Glen Campbell to the PUTV roster as he kicks into high gear in the twilight of his career. The press release says this collection “offers stunning takes of his career-defining hits… These gorgeous vocals were initially recorded during the Ghost On The Canvas sessions. Producers Dave Darling and Dave Kaplan were so moved by these powerful performances, they decided to bring a group of musicians into the studio that would complement Glen’s legendary voice. The resulting album is at once chilling, uplifting, haunting and spine tingling.
(More Info)

Bear Ceuse
“Dixie Brothers”
‘Don Domestique’
Medical, 2013
Note: Song source KEXP says this Brooklyn quartet’s track “stumbles at full speed for all of two minutes and thirteen seconds, but it makes the most of its brief stay. Speeding through the verses and kicking on the fuzz pedals when they need to increase the song’s intensity.
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Grey Reverend
“My Hands”
‘A Hero’s Lie’
Motion Audio / Ninja Tune, 2013
Note: Another Brooklyn-based artist, the Ninja Tune writeup notes that “Grey Reverend’s music has been bubbling under as a jealously guarded secret for those in the know for a little while now. Fortunately, his sophomore album ‘A Hero’s Lie’ threatens to expose his raw musical power to the rest of the world. Collaborator and label mate J. Swinscoe (The Cinematic Orchestra) will release the album on his Motion Audio imprint this summer. Fresh from his stunning, highly charged turn on Bonobo’s North Borders, L.D Brown’s musical catharsis is ready to be unveiled.
(More Info)

Memphis Industries, 2013
Note: Muso’s Guide says, “Barbarossa (James Mathé) has just had his new video, for his single ‘Pagliaccio’, rerleased. The word pagliaccio is Italian for clown, and funnily enough the video features a clown fight to the death shot in the style of Raging Bull… The album was recorded on vintage analogue gear and straight to tape, which is unusual for such an electronic album.
(More Info)

“Call Off Your Ghost”
‘Parts of Speech’
Doomtree, 2013
Note: Well, apparently the Wall Street Journal has a decent music blog called the Speakeasy. They say, “There’s not a lot of crossover between hip-hop and postmodern novelists like David Foster Wallace, but Minneapolis MC Dessa found a connection: she’s cited Wallace and Dave Eggers as favorite authors for the way they emphasize literary voice over theme and even meaning. It’s a practice that carries into her music on “Call Off Your Ghost”… The song, from her forthcoming third album “Parts of Speech,” draws from real life. Dessa wrote the tune after running into a former lover at a mutual friend’s wedding.
(More Info)

Iska Dhaaf
“All The Kids” single
Brick Lane, 2013
Note: Song source KEXP says, “Local duo Iska Dhaaf take their name from Somali words meaning “let it go” and say that they’re inspired by Sufi poetry and the ideas of limitations and patience… “All The Kids” is an amalgamation of indie rock, electronica and sonic cinema – in other words, quite different than what either Quiroga and Verdoes have done with their other projects.
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Actual Wolf
“Victims and Things”
‘Actual Wolf’
Chaperone, 2013
Note: Another bubbling under talent from MPLS! “This is not music that pleads for forgiveness — the man has given his freedom as a sacrament at the altar of his beliefs. Rather, these are songs of redemption. Actual Wolf has paid a price, but like many deals with devils, seems to have come out the greater for it.
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“Huella” (w/ Micaela Chauque)
Wonder Wheel, 2013
Note: Song source KCRW says, “Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the trio Tremor create unexpected collages fusing folkloric rhythms with modern sensibilities.” Their own label says, “Buenos Aires based “digital folklore” trio Tremor return to the forefront of modern South American music with a brand new album on Nickodemus’ Brooklyn based Wonderwheel Recordings.
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The Head and The Heart
‘Let’s Be Still’
Sub Pop, 2013
Note: And we close with our title track for Episode077 – “Shake”! “The Head and the Heart’s earnest folk-based songwriting and energetic live performances have made them perhaps the biggest Seattle export since Fleet Foxes… “Shake”, the lead single from that record, is probably the most direct song they’ve written yet.
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