Religious Ritual Or Abuse? Roswell Police Investigate Cuts On 4-Year-Old Girl

Religious Ritual Or Abuse? Police Investigate Cuts On 4-Year-Old Girlfrom WSBTV: Roswell police are investigating if lacerations on a 4-year-old girl’s chest are linked to a religious ritual or child abuse. Last week, the director of Children’s First Learning on Elkins Road called police after finding the cuts on the child, a police report said. The girl’s parents told police that the cuts were part of a religious ritual. Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik went to the girl’s apartment off Greenhouse Drive and talked to a woman who said she actually witnessed the ritual that she contends is part of the Santeria religion. “This religion is to help people, to help people get better, to protect people,” said Nadeshda Ramirez. Ramirez told Petchenik the ritual involves carving crosses into the flesh of the participant with a straight-edged razor. She told Petchenik it’s a form of self-sacrifice to the saints Santeria worships.

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