remedy radio: first five episodes from paul verge of divergentfilms.com

remedy radio: first five episodes from paul verge of divergentfilms.comfrom remedyradio.com: Greetings and welcome to the show that communicates solutions - helping you to find, learn and eventually teach: Remedies for Life, Love, Liberty and the Achievement of both Happiness and Satisfaction; for you and your loved ones - removing your uncertainty, and inspiring your curiosity... Each episode of Remedy Radio discusses an important and interesting subject that relates to your life, and gives comprehensive perspectives with the hosts and guests, interviews and featured media.

video playlist for remedy radio episodes on youtube:

list of remedy radio episodes:
episode001 - "fulfilling needs: the power of communication" (audio/video)
episode002 - "heal thy self: let food be thine medicine" (audio/video part1, part2)
episode003 - "education: learning our way to peace & freedom" (audio/video)
episode004(20) - "how hemp can help save humanity" (audio/video part1, part2)
episode005 - "james evan pilato - becoming your own media monarchy" (audio/video)

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