Rik Clay: Prophet of 11:11 and 2012 London Olympics

Michael Everna apologizes in the article, “The Prophet of 11:11 – Rick Clay“: “...I am reaching calling Rik a prophet but his research is so compelling and connective and if “they” were threatened by him making his death appear as a suicide is not a stretch.” Clay possessing a mind structured with same “sacred geometry” the Illuminati are so obsessed, made unraveling the dark magic of their numerology look easy! A young man, who died in 2008 at age 25, Clay shows gift when reading a collection of his research available on Scribd.com. A Red Ice Radio interview on You Tube, Rik Clay exposes 2012 London Olympics NWO Agenda and then kills himself,” follows closely the Scribd collection and go well together. Clay sees London 2012 Olympics as likely venue for a false “alien visitation” and reminds readers of 1984 Los Angeles Olympics closing ceremony with its incongruous UFO landing. You must read Clay’s work to see occult importance of number 11 and 11:11. You may take in four hours of Red Ice interviews with Clay here. Everna is right – Rik Clay – Prophet of 11:11!

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