Robo-bin Arrives

You may pay to take out trash sooner than you think! The Dutch have 6,000 robo-bins rolled out in the Netherlands.   In article, Dutch unleash intelligent robot bins: No ID, no rubbish,” at The Register, here’s where oligarchs really get their rise on, “ think tank Environmental Resource Management has calculated that
just one of the cities involved (Groningen) saved itself £72,000 in the
first year of deployment, and reduced its carbon footprint by 18 per
A case of Robo Cop meets dumpster the Netherlands is setting precedent for rest of the world.   We will all march out our doors to a sight in the near future:.

“The robo-bins have an RFID reader in the lid, and will only open when presented with some ID. The quantity of rubbish is then used to calculate the customer’s bill, but things going into the recycling pile are free – so the scheme drives recycling. The bins also know how much rubbish has been dumped, so they use their embedded phone to call up a truck over Vodafone’s GPRS network when they’re full, reducing the distance trucks have to drive.”

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