ron paul & the pbs debate

from paul4prez: The other top tier Republican candidates decided not to address the concerns of African American and Latino voters for a prime time national audience, but Ron Paul never passes up an opportunity to talk about freedom to any audience. Host Tavis Smiley and a distinguished panel of minority journalists asked a wide array of questions, focused more on domestic issues than any of the previous debates were.

All candidates were given equal time to answer the questions, and equal opportunities to go first, a format that CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and ABC would do well to learn from. Empty podiums on the stage represented Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and John McCain, who apparently needed the time to attend fundraisers, while Ron Paul’s supporters continued to fuel up his surging campaign with online contributions.

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  1. : JustaDog Avatar

    Any candidate on either political side that attends these special interest group beauty pageants are not worthy to be President.

    So far all have been special interest groups – blacks, latinos, homosexuals, etc. – all demanding to know what each candidate will promise their special interest.

    That’s why I’m voting for Fred!

    We need a President that represents America, not any special interest group.

  2. : JustaDog Avatar

    BTW – I do like many of Ron Paul’s ideas, I just need to get more info on some of the things I’ve heard him say.

    I love his ideas on taxes and the IRS, but he’s limited as President since the IRS falls under the legislative branch, not the executive branch.

    Lots of what candidates are promising are nice, but much is not even within their power to choose, and believe me – Congress isn’t going to be so willing to give up $$$ that goes to their special interests.

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