sandusky part of illuminati pedophile network

sandusky part of illuminati pedophile network

Writer Hayden Fox asserts in the article, "Sandusky Part of Illuminati Pedophile Network," that there are many more out there like Jerry Sandusky, the alleged child molester in the current Penn State scandal. In a recent Makow.com article, Fox writes that the "...scandal may just be getting started. Undisclosed allegations implicate Sandusky in a massive homosexual pedophile ring. Powerful Penn State sports donors may be investigated - and that list includes powerful politicians. The Penn State scandal is part of a worldwide Illuminati pedophile network where powerful homosexuals prey on vulnerable youths." Fox provides excellent summary how the worldwide pedophile network is slowly revealed through successive scandals. You'll have to read the article to get full compelling history.

The article's conclusion provides a key argument, "The Illuminati use pedophilia to blackmail and control their members. Perhaps the public can wield the stick. The Penn State scandal demonstrates that the Illuminati are made extremely vulnerable by their sadistic pedophile practices. So far they have been able to cover up the extent of this network. Further investigation and public pressure could expose and neutralize more Illuminati perverts. There are many more Jerry Sandusky's in the Halls of Power, and this is a way to identify and remove them." Wow!

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#MorningMonarchy: January 27, 2022