Sandy Hook Survivors Sing ‘Over the Rainbow’ to Commemorate Shooting

Readers should, at least, consider curious song selection of Over The Rainbow – a primary tool in mind control – to commemorate lost lives, last month, in Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre? Why choose this particular song? Vigilant Citizen (VC) views selection as creepy Orwellian exploitation of children in article, Sandy Hook Survivors Are Made to Sing ‘Over the Rainbow’ to Commemorate the Shooting.” VC puts it in simple terms:

“So, in short, to “commemorate” a shooting that was carried out by a MK patsy [Adam Lanza], survivors of the shooting are made to sing (because this wasn’t of their own initiative neither was it their song choice) a song that is used to program MK slaves. All of this in one big staged media event, where the children are asked to smile and pose for the cameras. How about not exploiting these kids for BS charity and not making them further part of this horrifying ritual that was the Sandy Hook shooting?”

Does song selection reveal a tip and nod to mind control? The present writer will never view Connecticut the same as creepiness extends to bad actor Gene Rosen and his pet service (here’s Gene in action), whose motto “There’s No Place Like Home” is displayed prominently on webpage!

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