Satanic Message of 2012 Olympics Ceremonies Reach 4 Billion!

Occult symbolism of 2012 Olympics reached 4.7 Billion viewers, reports Paul McGuire in recent article, SATANIC MESSAGE REACHES FOUR BILLION THROUGH GREAT BRITAIN OLYMPICS.”  McGuire cites Nielson media research statistics but sees a positive trend:  “a growing number of people are starting to understand that there is a Satanic and global secretive global elite who are in control of global finance, culture, science and politics.”   On the downside, writer also notes, “…the majority of Americans are in a mass hypnotic state. They have been brainwashed and live in a level of unconsciousness, completely unaware of what is really going on.” McGuire attributes lamentable state to occult practice of mind control!

A brief history of mind control is recapped in article as integral part of occult practices:

“Starting in the late 1800s, the Illuminati developed highly sophisticated brainwashing and occult-based mind control sciences which enabled them to control the thinking of much of the world and even entire nations. Fabian socialists, and very possibly agents of British intelligence like Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells and George Orwell, all wrote science fiction novels that predict a future where all citizens are controlled by scientific brainwashing.”

McGuire traces historical developments where literature reminds the masses of elite’s rightful role:

“William Shakespeare’s, “The Tempest” and Bacon’s, “New Atlantis,” predict societies that are ruled by an elite, or are made gods through secret and occult knowledge! This finds its roots all the way back in Nimrod and ancient Babylon.”

What McGuire does better than most, is reveal, the ancient roots of these beliefs and practices:

“Many people dismiss these occult rituals as ignorant, meaningless and merely superstitious rituals. That is a very dangerous misconception! True Satanic and occult rituals, that go back before the Flood and were heavily practiced in Canaan and in Babylon, open portals into other dimensions which allow the access of the Kosmokratos or world rulers, who existed before the Flood of Noah and were reunited under the leadership of Nimrod during the time of the Tower of Babel to have powerful influences over world events. The Tower of Babel was a highly advanced technological instrument that acted as a star gate which opened portals into another dimension. The symbols from the Tower of Babel are peppered all over the EU and are in reflected in the architecture and symbols of Washington D.C. These same symbols were heavily employed at the Olympics and its opening and closing ceremonies, in particular. [link to prior blog entries covering Occult Symbolism of 2012 Olympics]”

Yes, these rituals date back to the times of Babylon, one reason people react to them as so foreign and alien. The article implies people better get over their dismissive attitude towards satanic rituals, because beliefs behind the ceremonies are real! McGuire seals his argument with the following:

“For those who remain skeptical of the occult symbolism that clearly was a central theme of the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, consider the fact that the Olympics began with an orchestra playing a piece actually called, ‘Nimrod,’ by Enigma Variations .”

McGuire implores everyone to take notice, “when powerful symbols of the occult and satanic worship are openly displayed before hundreds of millions of people, it is a spiritual indicator, or warning of what is to come.” Wow!

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