Sen. Smith: ‘I can’t be quiet any more’

from crooks & liars/propaganda matrix: Sen. Gordon Smith joined Wolfie on The Situation Room and explained his new stance on Iraq… (rough transcript)

Sen. Smith: I simply hit the end of the rope if you will. I felt I had to speak up because if these sacrifices are being made in pursuit of policy that cannot succeed then we need to admit it and readjust in a way that the American people and our soldiers find worth the sacrifice and this is not…

I find examples like the British generals day after day in the first world war would send thousands of their men running into machine guns and not make adjustments. I find that criminal.

And when we send our young folks out in vehicles that cannot take out, er, er accept these kind of blasts to them without taking their lives I don’t find that smart. I find that derelict in duty…

Blitzer: Who should be held accountable–I’ll just use a word “fiasco” or disaster or some word along those lines?

Sen. Smith: Well, I think all of us with positions of responsibility are accountable, but clearly I can’t be quiet any more.

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