sibel edmonds: brewster jennings outted in ’01

sibel edmonds: brewster jennings outted in '01from raw story: Former FBI agent turned whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, has claimed that a senior official in the U.S. State Department tipped off a foreign contact to a CIA investigative cover during an investigation into a nuclear spy ring.

In today’s Timesonline, the third in a series of interviews with the former FBI translator, Edmonds reveals that the official told one of the CIA’s foreign contacts in 2001 that Brewster Jennings & Associates – a firm that existed with little more than a name and telephone number – was a cover for the U.S. government. Brewster Jennings was also a front for former CIA agent Valerie Plame – wife of former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson – who was publicly outted in 2003 by White House officials.

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