software update brings down nuclear power plant

software update brings down nuclear power plantfrom spectrum: The Washington Post reported in an interesting story over the weekend that the Hatch nuclear power plant near Baxley, Georgia was forced on the 7th of March into an emergency shutdown for 48 hours after a company engineer installed a software update on a computer operating on the plant’s business network… The company has now physically removed the connections between the control and business systems. The story notes the on-going problem of creating secure infrastructure IT systems that were designed nearly thirty years ago without security in mind.

worker dies at chemical weapons plant in alabama
worker dies at chemical weapons plant in alabamafrom ap: Officials say a worker has died at an Army facility where chemical weapons are destroyed in northeastern Alabama. The laboratory worker at the Anniston Army Depot died Wednesday afternoon. The worker was employed by subcontractor Westinghouse Anniston. A company spokesman says officials are withholding details of the death out of respect for the worker’s family. But officials did say the death was not the result of chemical agents. The death was the first at the incinerator since it began operations nearly five years ago. The Army reports only one previous death in 18 years at chemical weapons destruction sites. In that case, a worker fell from scaffolding.

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