spy story: con man or super spook

what’s the difference, really? – but either way, roland carnaby wasn’t supposed to meet his death on a houston highway in a high-speed chase with the cops…
spy story: con man or super spookfrom houston press: Roland Carnaby was on the run. Pulled over going 75 in a 60, he’d panicked and taken off from the traffic cop and now was racing along Highway 288 at nearly 120 miles per hour with police officers right on his tail. A Houston Police Department officer named Charles Starks had stopped him driving his Jeep Commander a little before 10 a.m. on April 29, 2008. Carnaby announced he was CIA and pulled out his credentials. Starks asked for a phone number to call to verify Carnaby’s claim. Carnaby gave him one, but said that probably no one was there. When Starks asked to hold the CIA badge, Carnaby refused, citing “national security” issues…

The officers later claimed that they saw Carnaby grab a “dark and shiny object” that they thought was a gun. It turned out to be his BlackBerry, which was lying next to Carnaby’s body as officers handcuffed him. Bleeding badly, Carnaby began kicking out blindly. His phone records show he tried frantically to make several calls, but was only able to push random digits. He died before an ambulance could get him to the hospital.

Conspiracy theories flooded the Web, claiming the CIA or some foreign intelligence agency had assassinated Carnaby. His friends and family swore Carnaby was the real McCoy and that he knew many CIA and FBI big shots, as well as a host of local law-enforcement officers. But the CIA and FBI denied ever employing him, and HPD Chief Harold Hurtt and Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia publicly claimed they hardly knew the man. Who was this guy? everyone wondered. Was he really an international CIA officer, killed in a routine traffic stop in Texas?

A year and a half later, the Houston Press has obtained new information in the form of depositions from former intelligence officers that appears to establish that Roland Carnaby was the real deal — at least for part of his life.

flashbacks: cop kills cia agent after car chase in downton houston & carnaby’s widow sues, claims husband was member of cia

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