swine flu updates: propaganda & the 1918 spanish flu

… swine flu flashbacks: part 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

video: 1st case of swine flu in russia

kids who get the flu shot are more likely to be hospitalized
kids who get the flu shot are more likely to be hospitalizedfrom ecochildsplay: A Mayo Clinic study shows that kids who got the flu shot – especially those with asthma – are 3 times as likely to require hospitalization as those who did not receive the shot.

australia’s swine flu alert level raised

the history of the synthetic h1n1 flu virus & a not-so-rosy future
from wayne madsen: The history of the extraction of the genetic material from the corpses of victims of the 1918 Spanish influenza virus who were buried in Arctic permafrost is part “X-Files” and part “Jurassic Park.” After an unsuccessful 1951 mission, that involved U.S. biological warfare specialists, to extract 1918 Spanish flu genetic material in 1951 from a cemetery in the Inupiat Eskimo village of Brevig Mission, Alaska, scientists made another attempt, a successful one it turns out, in 1997.

swine flu hits spanish soldiers

memo tells kansas juvenile jails to prep for 10-day quarantine
from ap: Authorities in charge of the youth inmates in Kansas have geared up for the possibility of a swine flu outbreak at juvenile correctional facilities. The Juvenile Justice Authority issued a memo Tuesday to all staff outlining plans to monitor the spread of swine flu and minimize exposure. The memo comes on the heels of staff concerns over two earlier unauthorized memos issued at the correctional facilities in Beloit and Larned requesting staff to start making personal plans in the unlikely event of a quarantine. Officials said the state’s three juvenile justice facilities are screening visitors for flu symptoms. The state also suspended a requirement that community case managers conduct face-to-face contact with youths and increased medical screening of young people brought to a facility.

video: obama/pharma admin to implement govt flu shot program??

US pledges $1b for swine flu vaccine*
US asks firms to make swine flu vaccine*
swine flu infected gi’s come back to US*
in the wake of the h1n1 pandemic:
mexico’s ailing economy is in critical condition
who director: pandemic alert level will not be raised*
who chief says world should prepare for severe flu*
who rethinks criteria for phase 6 pandemic flu*
ecuador closes ny consulates over swine flu*

updates from may28:
h1n1 synthetic flu may be test run for h5n1 avian flu*
illinois man dies from swine flu*

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