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  • ‘Esoteric Agenda’ Movie

    ‘Esoteric Agenda’ Movie

    Esoteric Agenda, a 2008 movie by Ben Stewart, exposes long term agenda of elite to move civilization into a New World Order (NWO).

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  • 5/20 Newspurge: Fall Hard

    5/20 Newspurge: Fall Hard

    From cover-up to shakedown, 9/11 continues to haunt Americans // Detroit cop kills 7yr-old child while executing ‘no-knock’ search warrant for A&E TV show ‘the 1st 48’ // Dan Rather: Pornland, Oregon; Child prostitution in Portland // US death toll in Afghanistan passes 1,000; rate rising rapidly

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  • 6/11 newspurge

    9/11 updates: obama may toss ‘full trials’ for alleged 9/11 plotters*flashback: feb20, 1981: boeing 707 nearly hits tv mast atop world trade center*mos def on 9/11: “it just doesn’t feel […]

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