‘Esoteric Agenda’ Movie

'Esoteric Agenda' MovieEsoteric Agenda, a 2008 movie by Ben Stewart, exposes long term agenda of elite to move civilization into a New World Order (NWO). A four year old movie may seem dated, but is still worth watching for depiction of organized forces at work. The movie observes coincidence of pagan sabbats with world events, e.g., – Vernal Equinox and Second Gulf War – and should wake up viewers to occult influence behind actions! Esoteric Agenda is a great education, including The Report from Iron Mountain, the influence of the Council on Foreign Relations and Agenda 21, it comes with caveat to stop short of buying everything the picture is selling.

Two reviews of Esoteric Agenda are noteworthy, the first review shows how New Age solutions coincide with elite goals:

“[Mikhail] Gorbachev described in his book “A Search for a New Beginning” that religion would be used together with the greening politics to bring the new sustainable development agenda forward. He also specifically mentioned the Natives of South America as being a role model for the new greening religions. This was in 1995 or so. What is happening in the new age is not happening by coincidence. It is part of the agenda. The ideas of immortality, Hinduism etc will actually help the new world order agenda since people will feel that it is OK to see others die off. They will think that these people move on to some greater dimension. Exactly what the elite want. They want a painless removal of the great majority of the commoners.”

The second review from a Druid School website believes it’s all about control:

“The movie Esoteric Agenda is really an American Christian ‘take’ on Nature religions. We do not believe that the NWO religion is actually Nature based or that they respect the true idea of a spiritual path. We suggest that it is more of an attempt to have one religion (nature pagan wican mason etc) to rule them all… Their intended God/Goddess is Gaia and we are all guilty of carbon abuse and therefore we must pay a tax (carbon tax). They also heap ‘socialism’ into the evil mix and it is highly unlikely that this is a correct understanding.”

‘Esoteric Agenda’ is well-worth two hour education on occult influences that drive world events!

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