Take a Hellish Tour of America’s Most Satanic Landmarks

Take a Hellish Tour of America's Most Satanic Landmarks
from theatlanticcities.com: All right, kids, the bags are in the trunk and we’re ready to get this road trip started. Let’s just grab the map to see where we can go. Devil’s Swamp – hmm, that doesn’t sound very fun. Mount Evil… uhh, no. Satan Hill. Lucifer Falls. Lake Chaos. Wait a second – what the hell kind of map is this? A fiendishly evil one is the answer, as it displays all the places in America whose names draw on demonic, hellish, and Satan-flavored elements. The United States Devil Map, available in full-screen for your pre-Halloween perusal, is a fantastic example of how a nation’s burning obsession with the supernatural has influenced its entire cartography. Virtually every state in the union has at least a handful of brimstone-smelling mountains, Styx-like rivers, infernal swamps, and, in one case, a highway so damned the authorities had to change its name. It’s as if the country’s pioneers picked geographic names by sacrificing goats and studying the entrails for messages from Dark Lord Lucifer.

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