The Coming Strong Delusion

The Coming Strong DelusionAnd for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie,” reads 2Thessalonians 2:11. What will be “The Coming Strong Delusion” that will successfully deceive so many? Lovest Thou Me website devotes a page to “Strong Delusion.

Many Christian researchers, are convinced, demons or fallen angels will return in guise of aliens to gain our acceptance. The present writer finds notion disquieting, because 21st century man no longer believes in demons!

However, demons passing for aliens under a coming “alien disclosure,” especially if bearing gifts of advanced technology, seems only too acceptable to an “advanced civilization.”

Will humanity become so amnesic it fails to see the truth? Arthur C Clarke, a high-ranking Freemason, writes about “The Overlords” in his science fiction novel, ‘Childhood’s End.’

A blog post at Brilliant Disguises hints at the way humanity may be deceived into becoming slowly acclimated to the presence of demons:

“Clarke wisely (and humorously) decides to introduce the Overlords with a mystery – what do they look like? It is several generations after their arrival before they finally allow humanity to see them, and Clarke tells us they decided this was necessary since it would take that long for the religious impulses to die away and humanity to grow accustomed to them. When the Overlords reveal themselves, we see why – they resemble the medieval conception of the devil, with horns, tail and wings. When the Overlord’s planet is finally revealed, it resembles the ancient idea of Hell. (His explanation: Mankind was seeing it’s far distant future, not remembering an idea from the past.)”

Was Clarke privy to secret knowledge, strictly forbidden to a profane public?

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