The Illuminati 2 – The Antichrist Conspiracy

Chris Everard produced Illuminati 2 – The Antichrist Conspiracy.” “This docu- mentary covers a very big spectrum of different topics. Subjects Covered Include: Bill Clinton Under Hypnosis –  How the 1992 Presidential Was Fixed – The Free Tibet Campaign – Aleister Crow- ley & The Evil Eye – Jewish Vampyrism – Footage from CIA?s MK-ULTRA Mind Control Programme – The Kabbalah – knights Templar & The Holy Grail – The O.T.O – Satanic Imagery on the British Royal Family?s Coat of Arms – Bohemian Grove & The Manhattan Project – ritual Torture in Iraq – The AntiChrist of the Koran – The Jewish AntiChrist – Sigil Magick – Occult Symbols – Corporate Logos – The Golden Demon Child of satan and more…,” informs The Everard documentary opens viewer’s mind to simple observations such as “infantry” in military as equating to youth or “infant”.   You may not agree with message after two hours viewing,The Illuminati 2-The Antichrist Conspiracy,” but you may be forced to pause and think?

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