The New Phoenix Program = Psychotronic Warfare

The New Phoenix Program” are black ops to subject Americans to synthetic telepathy and psychotronic weapons. Weapons fall into categories considered either slow, soft or silent kill method. YouTube video suggests emotions can be broadcasted by frequencies into an individual’s mind based on research of Michael Persinger. Human brain locks onto a frequency and emulates it to elicit either fear, rage or lethargy! The usual names are implicated: Satanist Michael Aquino, Ted Shackley, Richard Helms, William Casey, John K. Singlaub, John B. Alexander, Richard Secord and Paul Vallely as primary promoters of Mind War.  Aquino and Valley co-wrote, in 1980, an influential white paper, “From PSYOP to MindWar.” You can learn much in just four minutes by viewing video that surveys a new era of psychological warfare!

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