To Protect And Serve = Self-Serve Protection

Joe Lozito demonstrated amazing will to live, when confronted by seriously deranged madman Maksim Gelman.  Gelman killed 4 on a Feb. 12th, 2011 28-hour killing spree just prior to boarding a New York subway, where Lozito was seated on a two hour commute from his Philadelphia home.  We Are Change Video reveals failure of New York City Police, who remained safe behind conductor’s door as Lozito fought for his life.  You Tube summary shares, “[Lozito] currently in a legal suit, the NYPD and City of NY is arguing that the NYPD has NO duty to protect its own citizens.”  The story doesn’t end there as hints of delays in getting Lozito medical aid, were meant, to coverup police failures!  Everyone can only hope to respond as effectively as Lozito under similar circumstances – hats off to a courageous spirit!

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