Triple Helix DNA = Nephilim DNA?

Bob Schlenker suggests at The Open Scroll Blog Satanic agenda, may include attempts, to transform Man by manipulation of his DNA.  Schlenker refers to Michael Hoggard, who believes transformation of DNA, will be part of planned de-evolution of Mankind into beasts.  Does triple helix DNA represent a farfetched notion?   Nobel prize winning chemist Linus Pauling proposed, 60 years ago, a triple helix structure of DNA, but Watson and Crick confirmed a double helix structure.  Pauling refers to his denied access to better pictures in brief audio clip as a reason for his error.  The present writer suspects a more fluid nature to DNA as a Barcelona Institute paper published just last year indicates: First description of a triple DNA helix in vacuum.”  Will Mankind fall prey to surreptitious attempts to make him into a beast?  Does it represent an agenda to make Man a host for Nephilim, whose demonic spirits still survive?

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