Triple Helix Secret to Occult Transformation

Bob Schlenker, at the Open Scroll Blog, produced 12 minute video that challenges viewers to contemplate Triple Helix DNA. Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling had  proposed, in early 1950s, a three strand model of DNA.  Schlenker examines theme of TV Series Threshold and movie National Treasure. A segment by Pastor Mike Hoggard (full presentation here), is included, who sees symbolism of triple helix in the delta symbol (triangle), the triquetra held by the Hierophant (tarot card), Triple Tau symbol of Royal Aach Masons, the Cable Tow of Freemasonry, three fingers held up in paintings and Baphomet, whose well-known image shows three fingers up and three down in each hand.  Hoggard interprets various symbols as keys to transformation!  Your Occult Quotient will be raised in jam-packed video in less than a quarter hour!

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