ufo crash at aztec, nm

ufo crash at aztec, nmThe relatively unknown Aztec, NM UFO crash on March 25, 1948 is every bit as interesting as Roswell. Scott Ramsey, ufo researcher, provides riveting information in “Aztec 1948 Hoax or Hidden Truth?” video documentary. You may also purchase the video here. Jerry Pippin interviewed Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, “The Story of Aztec” at the Aztec UFO 2010 Conference last March. The video and interview provide details of not only the crash site on a mesa 12 miles northeast of Aztec, but also, the construction of the UFO and the alien humanoids inside. The witness accounts Ramsey has collected make for interesting corroboration of the crash. Three strong radar units in the area may have played a role in downing the UFO? Ramsey played a central role in verifying the existence of these Cold War Era radar installations. You can know Aztec as well as Roswell.

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