Urban Legend: Spring Heeled Jack

Did a supernatural creature – Spring Heeled Jack – terrorize London, beginning early in the 19th Century? The creature would later go on world tour in the 20th Century, heading west to the United States and South America. A tall slender apparition resembling a nobleman in appearance with wings or a cape and a great leaping ability often reported as disappearing over 10 ft. walls, and at times, jumping rooftop to rooftop! Spring Heeled Jack possessed glowing red eyes and could not be stopped by bullets as multiple incidents record! Jack could also belch blue flames. Is resemblance among Jack, the Mothman and demons coincidence – or are they one and the same? Does a supernatural creature traverse curvature of time and space much as we do a small incline or hill? Is it perhaps they represent demons released from Tarturus as an audition for the end times? Or, is it merely sightings are embellished to play upon imaginations of a suggestible public to obfuscate real suspects such as the Marquis of Waterford? You may enjoy excellent treatment of this earliest of urban legends: The Strange Case of Spring Heel’d Jack thanks to Radio Drama Revival. Click on hyperlink here to begin download of great adventure – 19th Century London style! It’s good stuff!

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