US preparing a ‘world’ for cyber war games

US preparing a 'world' for cyber war gamesfrom With the help of several organizations including Lockheed Martin Corporation, the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency and nearly 500 million U.S. dollars, the United States government is currently constructing a virtual platform in which the government can simulate cyber wars and its own offensive capabilities in the cyber world without touching the actual Internet. The progress of the project, called the National Cyber Range, will be mainly overseen by the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the United States Department of Defense which had a hand in the creation of the Internet. True to its mission statement, DARPA intends to “prevent technological surprise to the U.S., but also to create technological surprise for its enemies” with the construction of the National Cyber Range. The Pentagon has put forth proposals to label cyber-attacks on the government to be acts of war. In recent years, cyber scares such as Stuxnet, Agent.Btz, Anonymous and the hack into the International Monetary Fund has prompted the Obama administration to reconsider policies regarding cyber space. A Cyber Pilot system is also being developed to classify and monitor cyber threats ranging from “destructive” to “government cyberwarfare”.

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